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12 Février 2020

5 tips to travel for cheap

The summer holidays have finally arrived and it is now the ideal time to travel. However, even if the adventure seems exciting, flying to a new destination can be expensive. For that reason, Syndic.ca is offering you 5 tips for traveling for a lower cost to help you to take care of your bank account while enjoying the...

4 Février 2020

Shopping online: pros and cons

Online shopping has been gaining popularity for several years, but is it really a good thing? Purchasing clothing, electronics, toys, books are now commonly bought online. See the pros and cons: Pros: Purchases can be done from anywhere: from home, the bus, or at work! There is no need to go out for shopping...

21 Janvier 2020

The 4 Effective Ways to Overcome Impulsive Spending

Impulsive spending is part of everyday life, but it is far from necessary. They are usually done for emotional reasons such as to highlight a promotion or reduce stress. However, shopping for the sheer pleasure of it is not a problem as long as it does not affect your priorities. After all, it is quite possible to...

21 Janvier 2020

5 Things to Consider in Your Budget Before Baby Arrives

The arrival of a child is a big step in the life of the parents. 5 things to consider in your budget before baby arrives 1. Absence during maternity or paternity leave You're pregnant and everyone's happy about it. You still need to consider the practical arrangements and tell your employer without delay. It is...

11 Décembre 2019

Christmas Expenses: it's Time to Get Ready!

Christmas is coming soon and to avoid unpleasant surprises for the New Year, it is important to plan your spending this holiday season. How to do it? First of all, since this is probably not your first Christmas, consider using your habits from the previous year to plan your future needs. Review your expenses by...

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