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23 Septembre 2019

How to Break the Silence: Talking About Debts to Your Spouse

Although debts and money are not a romantic subject, nobody should avoid talking about it to their husband or wife. While it is certainly a source of anxiety for many, money is without a doubt one of the first reasons of conflict situations for couples. In fact, financial problems are the main cause of divorces and...

9 Septembre 2019

5 Most Common Bankruptcy Mistakes

No one is really immune from financial problems. In fact, they are often out of control. However, there are several errors that increase the risk of bankruptcy. Here are the 5 main causes leading to personal bankruptcy. 1. Non-Payment of Cell Phone Plans One of the most common debts among youth is the...

3 Septembre 2019

4 Tips to Pay Off Credit Card Debt Quickly

When used properly, a credit card can be a useful tool. However, despite the good intentions of consumers, nearly 40% of Canadians do not pay off their credit card full balance each month. This is particularly worrying when you consider that their interest rates are often high. If this is your case, don't panic....

26 Août 2019

3 Tips to Create a Budget Calendar

The year 2019 heralds a new beginning that will allow you to meet your next objectives. If respecting your budget is one of them, it is time to set up a schedule for this purpose in order to simplify the task. After all, life is full of unexpected events and it is important to prepare accordingly by using the right...

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