Options and solutions

Your trustee is an ally

A professional that will guide you without judging you, respect you, and who will immediately take charge of your communications with your creditors for you. You will quickly be freed of the burdens pressing on you. Make an appointment as soon as possible; you will be surprised at how much better your phone call will leave you feeling. And it's completely confidential!

The causes of excessive debts, especially in Quebec, are as varied as the ways to get out of them are. A detailed analysis allows light to shine upon the causes of your excessive debts and help to determine different solutions. The solutions are dependent on your personal situation as well as the extent of the problem you are facing. A huge range of solutions exists, from reworking your personal or family budget to claiming bankruptcy, negotiations with your creditors, the consolidation of your debts, or a consumer proposal. Taking the step towards solving your financial problems is not an easy thing to do. Bankruptcy is most likely not your only option, but if you are faced with personal bankruptcy, know that only Licensed Insolvency Trustees that hold a license are legally qualified to generate the bankruptcy process or to suggest an arrangement to creditors.