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Options and solutionsInsolvency

No one is immune from insolvency. Excessive debt and too important loans can have a significant impact on the credit rating for example, but the stress of insolvency may also be difficult to manage. You are concerned about the letters and constant calls from your creditors ? You fear that your assets are seized and your quality of life is only getting worse ? Consult us before leaving anxieties related to an insolvency ruin you more.

You are insolvent when your income does not allow you to set the minimum monthly payments due to your creditors. Consulting a trustee as Pomerleau & Associates can help you regain control of your financial situation and your repayment schedule. Together we will find the right solutions for your condition. Do not wait for the appearance of the harmful effects of debt on your personal, professional life and your health. Call us right now. This will give you valuable tips for you to establish and restructure your budget. You will be free from the immense pressure exerted by a critical insolvency situation.

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