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It's not easy to get rid of your debts ! Make it happen by following these 10 steps, they will be very helpful in order to get rid of your debts problem.

Here are our suggestions :

  • Recognize that you have a debt problem and be assured that there are solutions to settle these debts ;
  • Break the vicious cycle of debt that consist in always borrowing more money to meet your obligations ;
  • Write down your expenses by accumulating your spending bills each month ;
  • Sort your expenses by category, in order to be able to plan your budget ;
  • Make a list of all your debts and identify your monthly payments and interest rates for each debt ;
  • Eliminate all unnecessary expenses, such as the gym membership that you never use ;
  • Pay the maximum possible each month ;
  • Be disciplined and stick to your budget ;
  • Negotiate a repayment plan of your debts with your creditors ;
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